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New and Improved

 "Gardening" is not a simple task. It takes work, dedication, training and a lot of LOVE. We decided that as the economy has grown, families have expanded, jobs decreased and the government funding is not quite there like it should be why not add a heart healthy aspect to our business. Gardening provides many enough fruits and vegetables sometimes to last the summer months and well into the winter. We hope this bonus benefits many around the triad with enough to prevent any starvation that may be occurring throughout our communities. 

"Seeding" takes time and dedication. Is there a certain spot in your yard that just will not grow? Is there a portion of your yard that seems muddier than the rest? Is there too many cars pulling in your grass, ripping the grass, making your yard look absolutely terrible? I believe we have all had that problem at some point in time. Allow us to come seed and treat your yard to obtain that beautiful grass it once held. 

Ahhhh, "Weeding/Edging" the one thing most companies always fail at. We take pride in your yard just as much as you do. We want to see you happy with our service and most often the number one thing we hear from clients is "I paid ________ to mow my lawn and they just left this grass by my fence or by my pool." We will not leave until you are absolutely satisfied with the work you have received. If that means getting around your pool, WE WILL DO IT. If it means moving items in your yard, WE WILL DO IT, if that's what you ask. WE ARE HERE TO SERVE YOU AND ONLY YOU.