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As our company has expanded we have learned that this business is all about our customers. From day one we have reached out and took it upon ourselves to always ask our customers what it is they would like to see us do or what services they would like for us to add. Over time we have been able to add many of the services and some we have not... yet. Every month or two we try to provide a promotion to our clients that will make our business more affordable and appeasing to them. We do not just offer services of basics, as previously stated on our website. This makes it easier for customers to have Davis Lawn Care And Maintenance be that "One Stop Shop." Feel free to always contact us as we are readily available to you, for you! We hope to see you guys soon and work with each of you. We are the people for the people, through us we can change the lives and abilities of others. Through us we believe that everyone deserves a fair chance in everything they do. We love all of you and thank you for the continuous support of a small operating business. 

The Winter months can cause the most damage. Our special promotion this round will involve limb and leaf removal in regards to fall cleanup. As we look forward to icy weather, tree limbs breaking can be of damage. Don't forget to give us a call so we can remove all the ones hindering to your environment. 

Call us today to get your free quote guaranteed and sealed with a special promotion!

 - Kenny Davis